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FEDERNO is unique export company of the SAĞLAMİŞ Corporation, that is manufacturing different kinds of springs, tines and wire forms since 1958. Sağlamiş is a high technology enterprise that is engaged in manufacturing of a wide range of cold-formed tines, compression, tension and torsion springs made of high carbon spring steel wire (DIN 17223-B/C or EN 10270-1 SM/SH), from 0.2 to 16 mm in diameter, and hard metal spare parts for agricultural machines in the 1st industrial zone of Sakarya, in 20.000 sqm plant with 100+ employees.

A product quality control is performed at the laboratory equipment that allows an overall product inspection that guarantees a world-class quality. All of the spare parts are being controlled in different ways of quality control. The biggest advantage for our customers is, FEDERNO-SAĞLAMİŞ is the first company in agricultural springs industry that uses environment friendly finishing processes. The parts used in agricultural machinery Works mostly inside the soil, finishing processes such as wet painting and powder painting includes lots of different chemical alloys and destroys the earth / increases the environmental pollusion. So, FEDERNO starts an innovative solution to protect earth for pollution.

The advantages of this finishing processes are;

  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Excellent wet strength limiting roughness, pitting and adhesion issues
  • No requirement for pre drying prior to curing reducing costb and process time
  • Uniform coverage of complex parts
  • Good control of coating thickness
  • Very good edge coverage
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